Even with all the online poker tips available on the Internet, it’s amazing how many players play poorly when they get involved. Choosing a hand is one of the most important aspects of being a solid poker player, and yet people tend to play trash hands in hopes of hitting the monster on the flop. After interviewing a large number of poker players in several online poker tournaments, I discovered that most of them claimed that they played with their hands, they should not play, because in the previous hands they withdrew a hand that would make two pairs or direct failures. . This is not the way you should see this situation, for example, if you remove the pocket kings with pocket aces, but the king landed on the flop, you still made the right decision. The facts that you have at the time of the decision matter. This seems to be a difficult concept for amateur poker players to understand and takes time.

Being bully at the table

Once you are involved in a hand (with premium cards), you must become a bully at the table. It does not matter if you fail or not, if you show preflop strength, you must continue to demonstrate strength. While you may feel a nervous bluff, the rest of the table saw someone bet before the flop and bet on the flop. What do you think if you saw it? If you do not have an absolute monster, they will bend your hand and allow you to knock down the pot right there. If you make a big raise, you just do not have luck, hit the monster, from time to time it will happen. This does not make it bad, it still shows that you are a force to be reckoned with. If they call after a while, see if the next card helped you. If nothing of interest arrives in the turn, another bet is withdrawn, it will make a difficult decision with them. If the card goes down, which could help them, you have to use your poker solution to decide if you want to check or make another raise. The only way to make this judgment is practice.


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